Points of Departure

Poster Child.Andrew Youn On the first really cold morning of the year, I walk into TYCO to get the story behind the boy whose enormous picture hangs on their wall. Despite the early hour, the machines are already humming, and some over-ambitious students are competing for space at the tiny counter. Ah, the familiar reek … Continue reading Points of Departure

Great Expectations

“This place is infuriating,” George Platt Lynes wrote of Yale to Gertrude Stein in 1926. “The conventions begin nowhere in particular and are perfectly endless. This afternoon I had expounded to me the only way that one might be eccentric and live. By insinuating oneself quietly into ‘the group,’ by writing and publishing a few … Continue reading Great Expectations

Media Saturation or BUST

When I spoke to Debbie Stoller (GRD ’87) on a weekday afternoon, she spent the first ten minutes of our conversation poking around under her bed for a favorite shirt and trying to keep her dog away from the UPS man. Not the standard workday for a rising young magazine editor, but then Stoller, who … Continue reading Media Saturation or BUST

The Futures Market

It was not the first time I had attended a mid-September meeting at Yale where the “facilitator,” hoping to attract new blood, had bragged about his organization’s “open, non-hierarchical structure.” But this wasn’t YHHAP and it wasn’t SLAC and it would have taken a lot more than my gin and tonic to help me imagine … Continue reading The Futures Market

Closing Time

It was the second weekend of the school year. Camp Yale was going strong, and rumors of the crackdown were flying. People were whispering. With Old Campus still crawling with parents, Yale police officers had arrived at a party in Vanderbilt Hall. “This year it’s gonna be different,” a cop told Tim O’Meara (DC ’00) … Continue reading Closing Time


While most of the country finds the president not guilty by reason of inanity, an unregenerate few remain resolute unto resignation: the men of talk radio. Here in New Haven, WELI AM-960 has pre-empted its mind-numbing News at Noon with “The Impeachment of Character,” a program dedicated entirely to hemming and hawing the president out … Continue reading ENDNOTE

This Old House

“Maple Cottage,” located on Trumbull Street between Hillhouse and Temple, is a remnant of another New Haven. The great American architect Alexander Jackson Davis designed the house in 1836 as part of the plan for an elaborate city envisioned by his patron, James Hillhouse. Maple Cottage was intended to be among the formal mansions looked … Continue reading This Old House