The Tao of Stephen

The bottles were unmarked, which was strange. They sat on a card table at one corner of the New Haven Green. Some cost two dollars, some five, and others ten, and all were full of liquids of varying color. The table was cluttered, gray, and worn. Surrounding it were people, bus stops, traffic, and noise. … Continue reading The Tao of Stephen

Eyes on the Prize

The perennial filing frenzy that descends on the fellowship office at Undergraduate Career Services during the first weeks of September has finally calmed. Legions of Yalies brandishing applications and wearied from weeks of humble self-aggrandizement have given up their annual siege of 1 Hillhouse Ave. The many seniors who just couldn’t get that perfect Rhodes … Continue reading Eyes on the Prize

Letter From Prague

I’m in an abandoned building full of anarchist squatters, talking philosophy with Serotonin and Siv. Actually, Siv is doing most of the talking. He’s an English philosophy student, and we met him wandering in the cold Prague night, looking for a place to sleep. Serotonin and I were catching a night tram over to the … Continue reading Letter From Prague

Quoth the Ravens, Nevermore

The last page of the playoff edition of the New Haven Ravens program tells the story of Rally and Ribbi’s wedding. Apparently, the two mascots became Mr. and Mrs. Raven on August 6 at Yale Field. Guests at the wedding included the Mariner Moose, who flew in from Seattle, and local mascot Handsome Dan, the … Continue reading Quoth the Ravens, Nevermore

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the University

In the title of Michelin’s new Green Guide to Yale University and New Haven, the city and the institution of higher education huddle together, like college sweethearts in a twin bed, separated by a mere conjunction. After 300 years of often strained coexistence, Yale and New Haven, it seems, have finally joined together in a … Continue reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the University

Cell Division

Dazenia Henry’s son was awakened in the middle of a cold December night last year, shackled, hog-tied, and put on a bus heading south. Twenty-two hours later, he arrived at Wallens Ridge State Prison, a super-maximum ("supermax") security facility in Virginia, and was placed in a cell where he would spend 23 hours of each … Continue reading Cell Division

Where Have You Gone, Joseph Lieberman?

A portrait of the candidate as a Yale man.

Higher Education

On a warm Tuesday night in September, I am sitting in the living room of an off-campus apartment when two other Yale students walk in. One is on financial aid; the other does not receive aid. They have come here, to a friendly apartment, to share a bowl of marijuana and a two-liter bottle of … Continue reading Higher Education