OK Computer

In the summer of 1996, not long after people began to get excited about the pace of the new economy, two of Yale’s highest officers met to discuss how the University would keep up. For Provost Alison Richard and Associate Vice President Joseph Mullinix, there was reason to worry: Yale’s mainframes and administrative systems were … Continue reading OK Computer

Grumpy Old Men

At first glance, the 85-year-old members of the Class of 1937 don’t look like rabble-rousers. Twenty-five years after their graduation, 88 percent were happily married, 85 percent were regular churchgoers, and 71 percent were registered Republicans; they believed in fighting for their country, owning two cars, and the fact that they would be bald in … Continue reading Grumpy Old Men

Pool Ties

On January 13, Jeff Jannuzzo-25-year member and self-professed lover of New York’s Yale Club "in all her diversity"-threatened litigation against that venerated institution. Citing New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law Section 621, he called for Club President Peter Wells to provide him with a list of the Club’s voting members within five days. "The list is … Continue reading Pool Ties

SIDEBAR: Interview with a Vampire

The room was empty. And I was restless. It was Sunday, and I was sitting in the Citizens Television studio, waiting. I was there to interview Justice, the producer of "Rave TV." I had seen the show once. It was charming, if a bit disturbing. And so here I was, motionless, contemplative, just waiting for … Continue reading SIDEBAR: Interview with a Vampire

I Want My CTV

"Camera number two, zoom in and give me your two shot. There you go. Can you get the fruit basket and the sign too? Great, I’ll take that. Ready camera number two. Take camera number two." The two people I’d just trapped in the small black and white box on top of my camera appeared … Continue reading I Want My CTV

Trading Places

John DeStefano is confident, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be. Since he became mayor of New Haven in 1994, he hasn’t faced a serious challenge to re-election, reigning from his office overlooking the Green with apparent immunity. Despite frequent allegations of corruption and numerous scandals in his administration, potential opponents have mostly opted to … Continue reading Trading Places

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Are moments of religious transcendence illumination or illness? Mark Salzman (BR ’82) probes this question in his most recent novel, Lying Awake, and, to his credit, does not answer it. Setting his novel at the crossroads of mysticism and medicine, Salzman refrains from both sermonizing and diagnosing, instead offering his readers a poetic meditation on … Continue reading The Agony and the Ecstasy

Shock the Monkey

I don’t like doing it. But course packets are expensive these days. I tried getting money the old-fashioned way, but a part-time job on top of everything else? Who needs the extra stress and who really has the time? No, I may not like it, but it’s good, fast, honest money. My friends think I’m … Continue reading Shock the Monkey

Risky Business

It’s hard to believe, but an entire economic era has come and gone since I entered Yale in the fall of 1998. Sky-high technology stocks sent the Nasdaq up 86 percent in 1999, its best year since its inception 29 years ago, and created a mood of unparalleled economic exuberance from Silicon Valley to Silicon … Continue reading Risky Business

Invisible Men

The Western Honduran landscape is blanketed with cloud-forest and dotted with tiny Indian villages. In every town, something is missing: There are almost no men between the ages of 18 and 35. Everywhere, the explanation for their absence is the same: They have left for El Norte. The sprawling, loose-knit, Honduran family from whom I … Continue reading Invisible Men