The Missing Ink

An ingenue considers taking the tattoo plunge.

by Tess Dearing The phone was ringing, ringing-please don’t pick up-ringing, ringing – rigid with suspense, I waited. I bit my lip. I was getting cold feet. “Studio Zee.” Low and jaded, a woman’s voice cut across my lingering apprehension. “Oh! Hello!” I fumbled, tossed out my sweetest phone voice. “Tattoo or piercing.” The response was clipped and icy. This was a statement, not a question. She was a bored traffic cop, herding me to the left or the right, and she had answered the. . . Read more
Tess Dearing
Shots in the Dark

The site of Indiana Jones’ last crusade in Petra, Jordan.

While an older Harrison Ford hit the streets of New Haven, Benny Sachs revisited the site of Indiana Jones’ last crusade in Petra, Jordan.. . . Read more
Benny Sachs
Dicking Around

A Connecticut P.I. enjoys the spy life.

Gil Whitlock wears a leather jacket and aviator shades. On his website, he poses toughly in front of a black sedan, arms crossed and chin tipped slightly upward. His face, complete with husky moustache, has the jaded, callous glaze of a man who’s seen it all- and perhaps he has. Whitlock is a private investigator, based about 25 miles outside of New Haven in Newtown, Connecticut. Fifteen years ago, armed with several decades of crime-fighting experience, raw determination, and a big dream., he founded Associated. . . Read more
Laura Bennett
Indian Summer

Some facts and figures.

Age at which I read my first novel about India: 10 Subsequent number of novels about India I have read: 22 Number of months spent planning my trip to India: 9 Percentage of parents’ friends claiming to know someone in India who would either employ or shelter me: 32 Pre-departure visits to Yale Travel Clinic: 5 Number of malaria pills purchased: 82 Number of guide books purchased: 3 Number of times the word “microfinance” appeared in my fellowship application essay: 9 Extent of my knowledge. . . Read more
Nicole Allan
Behind Glass Doors

Reflections on a transparent life.

On a ridge in New Canaan stands a house where the light shoots straight through. This past June, the New York Times dedicated a quarter of its “House & Home” section to this Glass House, a Connecticut landmark in which architect Philip Johnson and his partner David Whitney lived for over half a century. The article, entitled “Behind the Glass Wall: Memories of life and death in an architectural masterwork,” consisted largely of personal accounts from guests Johnson had entertained in the house during the. . . Read more
Emily Koh
A Fresh Approach

A local non-profit unites independent farmers with the Fair Haven community.

Summer days afford Fred Monahan little time to consider the lilies of the field. As a dedicated vendor at four New Haven farmers’ markets, he is too busy with the land’s other, edible bounty: the sweetness of corn, the firmness of squash, the odor of garlic, the length of cucumbers, and the lush, juicy ripeness of peaches. Today, he is particularly concerned with peppers. And, on account of it being Thursday, he is out of his element. A broad-faced, affable man, Monahan is dressed in. . . Read more
Jonny Dach