Through the Spectrum

A change in the language doctors use to define autism could affect hundreds of thousands of children.

This Could Get Heavy

Learning to lift; learning to live.

Pillow Talk

The recent debate over Sex Week stands in for the discussion no one’s having about educating—and sleeping with—the Facebook generation.

Cheeseboy and the Golden Sandwiches

Cheeseboy is a young and rapidly expanding company that operates “quick-service restaurants” specializing in grilled cheese. It is also the nickname of the company’s cheese-crazy founder and president, Michael Inwald SOM ’10.

Pressed Specimens

Botanists are currently engaged in the colossal task of preserving fragile, sometimes centuries-old leaves in online databases where scientists worldwide can access and analyze them.

Getting Warmer

Robert Mendelsohn, a climate change economist at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, accuses scientists of being alarmist in their public statements about global warming.


Kanani Lee’s lab studies a little-known layer near the planet’s core, about 1,800 miles beneath the surface and 257 times deeper than the deepest place on the ocean floor.

Stopping the Presses

The New Haven Register is closing its press this month. In the future, the paper will be printed in Hartford.

Fear of Needles

New Haven proved that syringe exchange programs prevent the spread of HIV. Why won’t Congress pay for them?

A Fine Kettle of Fish

The Maritime Aquarium in South Norwalk turned the tide for a depressed neighborhood.