1. This Article Brings back memories of when I grew up in the Rockview Projects , when they were first built in the 50ties. Wilmont Rd led to the Hamden, Townline. When I became a Teenager I joined community meetings to take down a blockade which prevent Residents in Rockview to continue on into Hamden, for shopping. When I was in Elementary School,(Katherine Brennan Wilmont Rd, NewHaven side) we would walk over to the Hamden side to go “Trick or Treating.” The White people at each house in Hamden, would asked us were did we live. We also had told an address of a Black ( Called Negro at the time) Teacher that lived in Hamden. I also remember walking over to the Hamden side twice as Kindagardener/Possibly First Grader as well to walk to a store in Hamden. Twice a Old White man pointed a Rifle in our faces and told us to get off that side of the road. When I 5& 6 years old the little the fence wasn’t up at the end of Wilmont Rd. There was a fence behind some of the Project Buildings on Wilmont Rd that separated the Houses in Hamden. If me and my Girlfriend tried to say Hi, to the little Whitr children in Hamden, the White kids would call us “Niggers.” My girlfriend would jump the fence, and chase the Whitr kids on the Hamden side into the House. ( My girlfriend was a child from Brookside-down the Hillsof Rockview.
    Rockview on the New Haven side across from Hamden, started out with a multitude of very poor White families living side by side with poor Black families: Somr of the Whites has Big swimming pools on the plush’s lawns of Rockview Circle. After living in Rockview about 15-16 years the Authorities began to turn it into a Suburban Ghettos. We no longer had to wash off our brick wall for Housing inspection time. We no longer had the maintenance man coming around picking up dropped papers in the fields of Rockview. The the Housing Units were Cut open to join two bedroom units into four bedroom unit. The beautiful wooden trallises on our porches were torn down, and replaced with bars. The poorest of Whites, year after year began to leave Rockview. The element of Black people that replaced the people that moved out of Rockview were not like the children I grew up with in Rockview Circle. The writing was literally on the walls as sides of Rockview were was clearly inching into of danger. A different mentality of Blacks were flooded into the Rockview Housing Projects. I can’t even Google a picture of the Rockview Housing Projects of the 50ties & part of the 60ties.It seemed that the old pictures have been buried in time.

  2. I apologize for pushin “ post befor editing my comment. I have so much more to say about the beauty of Rockview at the Hamden Townline, before it became a that Ghetto in the Suburbs

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