Making Believe

Conversions come in many forms.

Over lunch early in my freshman year, my friend Madeleine Witt told me she had been at a Yale Students for Christ retreat that weekend. I asked her how it had gone. She smiled. “I had the most intense religious experience of my life,” she said. “It completely changed my relationship with Jesus.” For the rest of the day, I puzzled over those words. I’d thought religion was something people only found, or sought to deepen, in times of need. Witt was a talented artist. . . Read more
Aaron Gertler
This Could Get Heavy

Learning to lift; learning to live.

First, a chronology of my athletic career: 1997: At the age of five, I set out to become a professional wrestler and superhero. Though I dominate the 37-pound circuit for a while, I develop no powers. Also, I discover professional wrestlers fake it. 1998: Tee-ball is much harder than it looks. 1999-2006: I sit inside my house and read, avoiding sunlight if possible. 2007-2009: For three years, I try to make the varsity soccer team and be a coordinated person girls will like. Alas, no.. . . Read more
Aaron Gertler
Secrets Are No Fun

A freshman looks for a niche in the Yale Society for the Exploration of Campus Secrets.

Payne Whitney Gymnasium, 9:05 PM. The volleyball game is over, and I stand with a fellow adventurer in ten stories of bright emptiness. Every footfall echoes. We’re alone, free to explore and investigate Yale’s athletic cathedral. The United States Squash Hall of Fame features a wall-to-wall trophy case with aspirations grander then its five lonely trophies. The crew tank looks like an ominous blend of slave galley and medieval dungeon. It takes only a little imagination to picture floggings on the tile floor. The open. . . Read more
Aaron Gertler