Risky Business

It’s hard to believe, but an entire economic era has come and gone since I entered Yale in the fall of 1998. Sky-high technology stocks sent the Nasdaq up 86 percent in 1999, its best year since its inception 29 years ago, and created a mood of unparalleled economic exuberance from Silicon Valley to Silicon … Continue reading Risky Business

Poet of the Land of Promises

When I was five years old, a poet came to my house and sat at my kitchen table. I couldn’t pronounce his name, but I could see the respect my parents, both writing professors, had for him. He had a heavy-browed, gray-haired head and a gentle, accented voice, and he laughed with my father about … Continue reading Poet of the Land of Promises

Higher Education

On a warm Tuesday night in September, I am sitting in the living room of an off-campus apartment when two other Yale students walk in. One is on financial aid; the other does not receive aid. They have come here, to a friendly apartment, to share a bowl of marijuana and a two-liter bottle of … Continue reading Higher Education