Thumbin’ a Ride

Is hitchin’ back?

This January, Alison Greenberg ‘13 was driving through rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania with a friend when she saw two men standing on the side of the road. One was tall with dreadlocks, the other smaller, unshaven, wearing baggy jeans, and eating peanut butter ravenously out of a jar. Greenberg and her friend kept driving, but knowing they’d be returning that way, Greenberg texted her friend Jesse Bradford ‘11 for advice. Bradford knew a thing or two about hitchhiking. The year after he graduated from Yale,. . . Read more
Ben Kline
The Execution Game

The Cheshire murder trials have forced Connecticut to confront its position on capital punishment.

Gloves entered as evidence in the murder trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky. Update: On January 27, 2012, New Haven Superior Court Judge Jon Blue gave Joshua Komisarjevsky six death sentences and 140 years in prison for his role in the murder of the Petits. On November 29, the defense rested its case in the sentencing trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky. In October, Komisarjevsky had been convicted of a slew of heinous charges, including six capital felonies, due to his involvement in a crime significant both for its. . . Read more
Ben Kline
Working Definition

Yale tries for a second time to establish a program for researching and studying the hatred of Jews in the contemporary world.

Professor Maurice Samuels took the podium and sighed. “As many of you know,” he said, “this has not been an easy summer.” To me, it didn’t look like those in attendance—faculty members, elderly New Haven couples, and a few undergraduates informed of the lecture through the Directed Studies program or the Polish Club—had found their way to the Wall Street auditorium on the heels of controversy. That September afternoon in Yale University’s Whitney Humanities Center, Samuels was introducing Princeton history professor Jan Gross, who would. . . Read more
Ben Kline