What Obama Owes New Haven

The city’s black leaders speak.

Shafiq Abdussabur remembers sitting on the shoulders of his mother, dressed in a little black jacket bedecked with protest buttons, staring out at an army of police in full riot gear. The year was 1970, and Ms. Abdussabur, her son, and twelve thousand other Black Panthers and their supporters had converged on the New Haven Green to protest the trial of Panther leader Bobby Seale and several of his compatriots for murder. In the following month, before the case ended in a mistrial, activists would. . . Read more
Ben Lasman
Real to Reel

Trying out for The Real World.

At 10 a.m. on February 15, precocious teenagers and under-employed young adults from across Connecticut began to convene en masse in front of New Haven’s BAR restaurant. Most of the women seemed to have applied Sephora’s entire make-up and perfume inventory prior to the pilgrimage. Some fumbled in handbags for tissues, while others smoked pink and turquoise packs of Camel ultralights. The fur protruding from their coats was on par with the décor of a Ukrainian hunting lodge. The smattering of men compensated for their. . . Read more
Ben Lasman

But we don’t see you.

In 2000, a student walked into the lobby of Yale’s Undergraduate Career Services and asked how to become a puppeteer. “This guy wanted a certain salary, certain benefits,” recalls Phil Jones, the director of UCS since 1999. “We put a counselor to work on it and ended up with tons of information on puppeteering positions. It’s rare, but every once in a while a student hits us with something new.” Seated in his office at 55 Whitney Avenue, UCS’ base of operations for the past. . . Read more
Ben Lasman