In Search of Time Not Lost

Is procrastination really a bad thing?

“I have no time,” thought David* in the middle of reading week during his sophomore spring. He was planning on acing his three papers due at the end of the semester in hopes of getting straight A’s. As he saw it, this would be an important affirmation during a period when his extracurricular, social, and romantic prospects were each stagnant and disappointing in their own ways. Wanting control over his final grades but lacking the necessary hours, David turned to Adderrall for the first time.. . . Read more
Cindy Ok
Missed Connections Poetry: New Haven Edition

The “missed connections” section of the New Haven Craigslist page—in free verse.

The Have Cave has always been a city of connection, since even before its Puritan times. People pair up here constantly—for the night, for a year, and, not infrequently, for their lives. It can happen in a freshman entryway or at Toad’s, and in Claire’s Corner Copia or on the Green. But these can also be, and often are, momentary couplings. The following poems are entries on the “missed connections” section of the New Haven Craigslist page from November, with added line breaks and titled. . . Read more
Cindy Ok
Gateway Connection

A new college joins Yale on the New Haven Green this fall.

For ritual’s sake, it took about a dozen pairs of scissors to cut the blue ribbon and open New Haven’s newest institution of learning, located four blocks away from Yale’s Old Campus. When the ribbon fell, the couple hundred attendees cheered. The celebrations, attended by an estimated total of eight hundred people, would continue for at least seven hours. The public ceremonies August 29 marked the opening of Gateway Community College, whose student population is currently comparable to Yale’s in number. The main campus’s move. . . Read more
Cindy Ok
Theory of Mind

The Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis is a bastion for often-maligned Freudian practices in New Haven.

The year is 1900, and Ida Bauer cannot speak today. She feels like she is choking on air. Ida has had difficulty breathing and an inability to speak for some time now, and her father is concerned. Ida is 18 years old. She lives with her parents and her brother, who is a year and a half her senior. Her father was treated for a paralytic attack four years ago, but nothing in her family’s medical history explains Ida’s symptoms. There is no neurological explanation. . . Read more
Cindy Ok
Horse Sense

A turn on the newly restored carousel at Lighthouse Point Park.

A horse in the carousel at Lighthouse Point. Feel free to look any of these sixty-eight horses in the mouth. Each horse is treated, sometimes daily if weather and use warrant it, by careful hands reaching a special solution into the crevices of its body. The horsetails are washed, treated, wiped, and dried individually twice a year, at the beginning and end of riding season. The carousel currently at Lighthouse Point Park was built in 1912 and installed in 1916 in the white-walled Victorian-style pavilion. . . Read more
Cindy Ok
A Birthday Gala

New Haven socialite Louise Endel turns 90.

“Theater is about connecting,” Mary L. Pepe, the former Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees at the Long Wharf Theatre, told an audience of 250 gathered on Friday, June 3. The night’s event, a gala fund-raiser for the nonprofit theater, was also a tribute to Louise Endel. According to New Haven Register reporter Randall Beach, Endel is “the woman who connects more people than Facebook.” A rare New Haven socialite who holds the city’s record for number of community boards served (fifty-six over fifty years),. . . Read more
Cindy Ok