SIDEBAR: Interview with a Vampire

Posted on 09. Feb, 2001 by in Uncategorized

The room was empty. And I was restless. It was Sunday, and I was sitting in the Citizens Television studio, waiting. I was there to interview Justice, the producer of "Rave TV." I had seen the show once. It was charming, if a bit disturbing. And so here I was, motionless, contemplative, just waiting for […]

The Tao of Stephen

Posted on 30. Oct, 2000 by in Uncategorized

The bottles were unmarked, which was strange. They sat on a card table at one corner of the New Haven Green. Some cost two dollars, some five, and others ten, and all were full of liquids of varying color. The table was cluttered, gray, and worn. Surrounding it were people, bus stops, traffic, and noise. […]

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