10:10 to Nowhere

In March, Metro-North debuted a sleek fleet of new train cars. Now the last stop is to track them down…

A sleek fleet of new train cars! Illustration by Clare Randt I dream about trains. I ride the rails, shooting across continents and coasting through dark tunnels under city streets. Ticket stubs are my bookmarks and timetables, my wallpaper. One recent evening, some local news piqued—and off-peaked—my interest. I was sitting in a library window seat when I saw that first train car’s interior shine forth from my laptop screen. Suited commuters scanned legal briefs, green coats dangled from sleek overhead luggage racks, a bearded man. . . Read more
Elsie Kenyon
Covering Annie Le

How the media turned a campus tragedy into national news.

“One. Two. One-two-three-four.” Just after 8 p.m. on September 14, an amplified message cracked the silence of thousands of mourners gathered on Cross Campus to commemorate Annie Le MED ’13, whose body had been recovered the previous afternoon from the basement of 10 Amistad Street. Alongside the solemn addresses of Yale University President Richard Levin, University Chaplain Sharon Kugler, and Le’s roommate, Natalie Powers, emerged a parallel broadcast of “TESTING” messages, camera clicks, and the shuffling  of television crews from the loudspeakers. Undergraduate and graduate. . . Read more
Elsie Kenyon