Stuck in Park

Abandoned cars linger in a Yale garage.

A tarp-covered car in the bowels of the Pierson-Sage parking garage. Photo by Jennifer Lu. Under the cover of darkness, we drive into the Pierson-Sage parking garage, just north of Yale’s Science Hill. It is nighttime in mid-March. Two recent graduates, now Yale employees, promise a juicy story. I can’t help but think of the scene in “All the President’s Men” when Bob Woodward coaxes the Watergate story out of an informant in a parking garage in Washington, D.C. But our target that night is. . . Read more
Ike Swetlitz
Against the Tide

As the water’s edge draws closer, a cozy beach community stands against nature.

In the wake of 2011's Hurricane Irene, Andy Weinstein crouches by the ruins of his Cosey Beach home, which had stood strong for nearly a century. Photo Courtesy of Andy Weinstein. “I should have seen the peak of my house,” recalled Andy Weinstein. “It wasn’t there.” On August 28, 2011, Weinstein stood next to his car on Philip Street in East Haven. The roads sloped down toward the coast. The formerly well-defined border of sand and sea walls had been erased. Hurricane Irene had made. . . Read more
Ike Swetlitz
Top of His Glass

A journey to glassblowing at Yale.

Photo by Caroline Lester Four thin blue flames lick the underbelly of a glass flask as Daryl Smith steadies his blowtorch. With sweat dripping from his forehead, he directs the heat at one of three stumpy tubes attached to the spherical flask. The glass glows white-hot and starts to melt. Just as the tube begins to droop, Smith snatches it away with a pair of tweezers. The tube stretches until all that connects it to the flask is a long, thin thread. When the thread. . . Read more
Ike Swetlitz
Now in 3D

A medical resident uses 3D printing to better model organs for patients.

Illustration by Madeleine Witt “This is half a lung.” Mark Michalski held up a twisting piece of plastic, one inch thick, to his chest. To me, it looked like roots on the underside of a tree, with small white tendrils poking through brown mesh. This was one of Michalski’s first attempts to create customized plastic models of human organs. Michalski is a fourth-year resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Over the past year, he has been making plastic replicas of body parts using the machines at. . . Read more
Ike Swetlitz
Pass the Grub

Eating insects in New Haven.

Squeezed between Ivy Noodle and Tomatillo on Elm Street, Kathryn Redford’s apartment features less conventional cuisine than either restaurant. Redford, 27, is the founder of Ofbug, a six-month-old start-up dedicated to the production and promotion of insects as animal feed. The bugs live in a few plastic IKEA boxes in the corner of her living room and die a few weeks later in her freezer, after which Redford dries and processes them into food. “I really wanted to make a product that didn’t look like. . . Read more
Ike Swetlitz
Powered Down

A photographer helps capture the true picture of a contaminated plant.

Chunks of metal lie like carcasses on the grimy floor, and rust grows like mold on pipes in English Station, a non-operational coal and oil power plant sitting on a man-made dredge island in the middle of the Mill River. On October 2, New Haven resident Chris Randall ventured into its depths and returned with photographic evidence of a surreal landscape. “It’s kind of like a ghost,” Randall said. While exploring the site, he imagined what it would have been like for people to work. . . Read more
Ike Swetlitz