The night I met Bobby Speers at the Circle Lanes in East Haven, he was holding a bowler’s cocktail: lukewarm beer in a large plastic cup. I could see why he needed it. The windowless building reeked of stale cigar and pipe smoke, and the neon ceiling lights bathed the alley in a harsh, sterile … Continue reading Pinheads

Cultural Engineering

In the early hours of September 19, 1999, five white men chased down and assaulted a Yale student of Asian descent outside a Howe Street laundromat. The Yale Police Department classified the attack as a "violent crime with apparent racial undertones" but released few details of the case to the public. According to rumors, the … Continue reading Cultural Engineering

This is the Way the World Ends

For a few hours last fall, we glimpsed history. Some of us watched from our sofas, others from rooftops in Brooklyn, and still others from the very jets that slammed into the World Trade Center. As the Twin Towers collapsed in a cloud of ash and smoke, the world changed irrevocably-yet in our sight. John … Continue reading This is the Way the World Ends

Pool Ties

On January 13, Jeff Jannuzzo-25-year member and self-professed lover of New York’s Yale Club "in all her diversity"-threatened litigation against that venerated institution. Citing New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law Section 621, he called for Club President Peter Wells to provide him with a list of the Club’s voting members within five days. "The list is … Continue reading Pool Ties