A Trip to the Corner Store

A hard look at New Haven’s bodegas.

Nutrition in the urban desert. Illustration by Ali Abarca On our way over to the West River neighborhood, a former Italian enclave that is now predominantly black and Latino, Stacy Spell and I drive past a dilapidated storefront—its windows boarded up, its sidewalk dusty with the residue of melted street snow. “See,” Spell beams at me, “the potential is here.” Spell is the head of the West River Neighborhood Services Corporation, which has recently partnered with the Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE) at. . . Read more
Jake Conway
More Than a Game

Feeling left out of the huddle.

A race to the finish. Courtesy Ed Betz, The New York Times It was August and hot. The air teemed with the testosterone-fueled excitement of preseason. I had signed up for my West Hartford, Connecticut public high school’s football team with about fifty other freshmen, who, like myself, had been coaxed into helmets and pads by nostalgic fathers and then prodded into huddles by even more nostalgic coaches. I was terrified, but eager to prove myself. Some of the other players on the team had. . . Read more
Jake Conway