The Fat Trap

Critics in the Cradle

A smiling baby, tongue sticking out and eyes blinded by an oversized mortar-board, graces the cover of Ralph Schoenstein’s Toilet Trained For Yale: Adventures in 21st Century Parenting. Though the resemblance is unintentional, the baby represents both Schoenstein and Harold Bloom, editor of Stories and Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children of All Ages. Giddily facing … Continue reading Critics in the Cradle

Walk This Way

New Haven: home of Pepe’s pizza, Louis’ burgers, sons and daughters of Eli, and the only buzzing, beeping, count-down savvy, two-way walk traffic lights I know. When I first encountered the beeping traffic light outside of Commons two years ago, I was taken aback. I stood and watched a few cycles of red and green. … Continue reading Walk This Way