Waging War

After a fashionable downtown restaurant closes, workers claim unfair treatment and pay.

Nineteen-year-old Anna Aranda knew the price of almost everything in Mario’s Discount Furniture after her month of working there. For eleven hours a day, seven days a week, she rang up purchases and wrote them down. 50” plasmas? $1099. Astoria couches? A steal at $1400. But the one price tag that Aranda will never forget, and the store’s biggest discount of all, was the one attached to herself: “They didn’t pay me,” she says. “Nothing. Not even commissions.” Aranda, a petite woman with a straight-at-you. . . Read more
Jessica Cole
Risque Business

One man’s mission to dress people up, without selling out.

A row of masks at Costume Bazaar. Animal heads surround me. They are stacked on shelves, falling off of counters, staring at me with oversized cartoon eyes. I start reaching out to feel the top of a panda’s head when my guide appears in the entrance from the parking lot, stomping his feet to get rid of the snow on his boots and leaning a shovel against the doorway. “Those?” he asks with a nod to my furry acquaintances. “We have about 200 of them.. . . Read more
Jessica Cole