Public Option

Reading between the lines at New Haven’s Public Library.

At Yale, we do not simply house books, we worship them. Sterling Memorial Library, according to its architect James Gable Rogers, is a “Cathedral of Learning” and Beinecke bears resemblance to a marble-walled shrine. Our library system is the fourth largest in the country, holding upward of 12 million volumes. Right off of the Green, closer to Old Campus than Sterling itself, is the New Haven Public Library. Though it is often overlooked by University students, this city library has its own devotees. The Public. . . Read more
Julia Fisher
Driving in Circles

A New Haven cabbie who knows the roads.

Ray Joyner pulls his cab up to the New Haven Hotel at the intersection of Temple and George Streets in response to a call from a customer looking to travel a few blocks to Union Station. Because New Haven is a busy city, especially during rush hour, there’s nowhere to pull over to wait for the customer to appear. So Joyner decides to drive around the block instead. But New Haven’s grid, filled with one-way streets, does not make circling easy. Joyner continues heading southeast. . . Read more
Julia Fisher