Interior Design

Coming of age in a modern family.

The first figure to greet anyone entering my father’s second-floor apartment was the Martini Lady. Printed on poster board, she stood with her hip jutted, strong-jawed and slouchy in a red strapless cocktail dress.  Her hair was cut short and her raised hand exposed an unshaved armpit. I never knew if these spiky black tufts emphasized Martini’s dykiness or exposed her to be not a lady, but a delicate man. Despite her vamping, Martini was a welcome sight. Whenever I went outside with my father, I wanted. . . Read more
Kate Lund
Small Town Values

New Haven native shrinks his city down to size.

Well into the new century, Fair Hope, Connecticut appears to be suffering from chronic nostalgia for the 1950s. Kids play baseball in a vacant lot, their home runs dropping into a field of weeds and lilacs. The pool hall does good business. The church hosts crowd-pleaser marriage ceremonies, the couples posing for photographs on steps of well-worn brick. Everyone is white; everyone looks happy. Except for when the train runs through, the streets are pleasantly quiet. Like the other three towns it borders, Fair Hope. . . Read more
Kate Lund