Bare Market

Exploring East Street’s Catwalk Club.

Come a little closer, baby—pull your barstool over, lean in, inhale the haze of cigarettes and perfume so thick it’ll make your throat burn—and Phoenix will tell you everything you want to know. She’ll tell you about her parents, who hate her job of course but stand by her because stripping is just a temporary thing and they support her no matter what because that’s just the way they are, y’know. She’ll tell you about what she really wants to do, which is become a. . . Read more
Laura Bennett
Dicking Around

A Connecticut P.I. enjoys the spy life.

Gil Whitlock wears a leather jacket and aviator shades. On his website, he poses toughly in front of a black sedan, arms crossed and chin tipped slightly upward. His face, complete with husky moustache, has the jaded, callous glaze of a man who’s seen it all- and perhaps he has. Whitlock is a private investigator, based about 25 miles outside of New Haven in Newtown, Connecticut. Fifteen years ago, armed with several decades of crime-fighting experience, raw determination, and a big dream., he founded Associated. . . Read more
Laura Bennett