Black and Blue

Today?s sermon is on the burden of hopelessness. To begin, the Reverend Dr. W. David Lee?pastor of New Haven?s most distinguished and most ancient black congregation, Varick Memorial ame Zion Church; graduate of Syracuse University, Yale Divinity School, and Union Theological Seminary; and most recently a candidate for a seat on the Yale Corporation?quotes not … Continue reading Black and Blue

The Things They Left Behind

The things they left behind were largely disgusting, a year’s worth of accumulated refuse: dust bunnies the size of dinosaur eggs, emptied tins of potted meat, q-tips clean and soiled, and, in one room, enough body hair to have been shed by a Yeti. Some of the trash made for a laugh-a Bud Light sombrero, … Continue reading The Things They Left Behind

Bringing Up the Rear

It’s five minutes before the gun, and we are gathered at the starting line to stretch. The Official Guide to the New Haven Road Race claims that more than 5,000 runners from all over the world are here. The New Haven Green is a sea of flesh. There are yuppie mothers pushing toddlers in three-wheeled … Continue reading Bringing Up the Rear

Eyes on the Prize

The perennial filing frenzy that descends on the fellowship office at Undergraduate Career Services during the first weeks of September has finally calmed. Legions of Yalies brandishing applications and wearied from weeks of humble self-aggrandizement have given up their annual siege of 1 Hillhouse Ave. The many seniors who just couldn’t get that perfect Rhodes … Continue reading Eyes on the Prize