Loan Rangers

Elm City community groups fight foreclosure.

While the dramatic failures of financial powerhouses like Lehman Brothers and AIG in September, 2008 are often considered the beginning of the current global financial crisis, for New Haven residents, the downturn began three years earlier with a sharp dip in the housing market. Between 2007 and 2008 alone, Elm City home sales dropped by 26.2 percent, well above the 16 percent national average. As the value of New Haveners’ homes fell and the interest rates on their mortgages rose, the result was a record number. . . Read more
Nick Handler
Prisoner’s Dilemma

Statehouse politics lead New Haven to forge its own solution to prisoner re-entry.

For the last four decades, controversies over crime, punishment, and rehabilitation have contributed to the breakdown of urban America and the outcome of elections. For the last 14 years, John DeStefano has been New Haven’s revitalizing mayor, fighting a slow battle to turn the city around. And for the last six months, he has tried to tackle one of the most acrimonious crime and punishment controversies of them all: prisoner re-entry. On February 26, the morning after three New Haven shootings left one man dead. . . Read more
Nick Handler
Hospital Trip

Ketamine experiments use human subjects.

American radical and psychedelic drug pioneer Timothy Leary once said, “I am 100 percent in favor of the intelligent use of drugs and 1,000 percent against the thoughtless use of them, whether caffeine or LSD.” A similar sentiment might have been in the mind of Yale junior George Aki Nikolaidis when he volunteered to take small doses of the hallucinogen ketamine last July as part of a controlled experiment run by the Yale School of Medicine. “I started it mainly because I was curious in. . . Read more
Nick Handler
Harmony Displaced

What happens when the shelter gets evicted.

Gabor Kovacs left Hungary in 1976. “Draft dodging,” he explains with a faint smile. “In Hungary, everybody had to serve. You didn’t have a choice.” It is a quiet Tuesday evening at the Trinity Lutheran Church on Wall Street. Gabor sits at a table in a room at the back of the chapel. He occasionally looks over at the window as the daylight fades. It is almost six o’clock. Harmony Place, a community center for the homeless run by Yale student volunteers, meets here every. . . Read more
Nick Handler