Stopping the Presses

The New Haven Register is closing its press this month. In the future, the paper will be printed in Hartford.

1981. The New Haven Register moved from a small office on Orange and Audobon to 40 Sargent Drive, a former shirt factory. Busloads of people came to tour the new state-of-the-art Goss Metroliner printing presses. New Haven was the industry showroom. Rockwell International, the company that manufactured Goss Metroliners, featured the Register’s pressmen on the cover of its 1982 catalogue with the headline “Winning Team in New Haven.” In the picture, you can see the men’s reflections in the gleaming floors. Today, the floors are. . . Read more
Victoria Sanchez
No Book, Feeling Blue

Yale College’s beloved Blue Book will be discontinued.

On the train back from Bulldog Days, the whirlwind weekend tour of Yale for admitted students, one of my high school classmates pulled a thick blue book out of her bag to leaf through. Wide-eyed, I asked what it was. “Yale’s course book,” she said. “I think this might make my decision for me.” I was given to poring over Yale’s promotional materials, so I knew the school offered over two thousand classes, more than 75 majors, and was basically a nerd’s heaven on earth.. . . Read more
Victoria Sanchez