We Started the Fire

A small band of eccentric academics tries to use the methods of cognitive science to address questions of classical philosophy—are they crazy, or just cutting edge?

The flaming armchair is the symbol of the experimental philosophy movement. Joshua Knobe isn’t forty yet, but he already has a discovery named after him. Imagine that a chairman of a large company is deciding whether or not to implement a new—and very lucrative—green initiative. The chairman thinks about it for a minute and says, “I actually don’t care about the environment at all. I just want to make as much money as I can.” He implements the policy, the air gets cleaner, and the. . . Read more
Vlad Chituc
Gone Fishing

Miya’s chef Bun Lai tackles sustainability and sea life.

Sweet Mother’s Milk, $13.75 Bun Lai grinned like an excited teenager as a group of older women asked him about Sweet Mother’s Milk, an appetizer. Lai, the owner and celebrated head chef at Miya’s Sushi on Howe Street, was sitting across from me as I sipped from a bowl of earthy miso soup. On my right stood bottles of sake infusions and oils flavored with garlic gloves and chilis, which sent red and yellow hues dancing on the table below. “It’s actually really great,” Lai. . . Read more
Vlad Chituc