A group of Connecticut motorcyclists is spreading the Gospel on wheels.

Photo by Robbie Short. Trinity sits with her manicured hands folded neatly, flanked by her fellow Christian motorcyclists on a black leather couch. Mary Magdalene, Zephaniah, and II Timothy sit to her left; Sheba and Eve to her right. “I like to wear pumps when I ride,” Trinity says. “My husband doesn’t like it, but I like the look.” Sheba, whose name appears on a black, diamond-bedazzled headband and in a tattoo in Gothic lettering on her right arm, laughs in agreement. “I wear a. . . Read more
Zola Canady
Broke by Design

As expenses pile up, low-income art students at Yale are forced to curtail their creativity.

Photo by Robbie Short. This fall, Adam Moftah’s expenses added up quickly. He spent $15 Xeroxing old graphic designs to make new compositions for a project. Then, after he turned the project in, he learned from his professor that he’d approached the assignment incorrectly, and would have to start anew. Meanwhile, he had two credit card bills due soon — nearly $200 for books, school supplies, and other expenses from the start of the semester. For Moftah, a senior from New York City, majoring in. . . Read more
Zola Canady