Home Movies

Since I started working at the Film Study Center last September, I’ve walked past Pedalphiles hundreds of times. It’s shelved right by the entrance to the film library, below Pan’s Labyrinth and a few rows above Pulp Fiction. The title is written in orange Comic Sans, which tends to catch the eye. Last week, after … Continue reading Home Movies

The Case of the Missing Adirondacks

It is cold more often than it is warm in the courtyard of Silliman College. A rectangular plot of grass divided by stone paths and lined on four sides by Georgian, French Renaissance, and Gothic residential buildings, it is a house-and-field setup. It’s a function of the college’s expansive structure, dating from a time when … Continue reading The Case of the Missing Adirondacks

First-Name Basis

The text came through from an unknown number: “Caroline is here.” It had the ring of a pronouncement made by a footman in a Jane Austen novel. But Caroline was already here. For one, I was there. At least five other Carolines were also there. I surveyed them in my living room, tallying them up. … Continue reading First-Name Basis

Fun in the Time of Tolerance

How to throw a killer party in 2015.

A Conversation with Jay Carney

A TNJ alum on politics, media, and whether the Onion has it right

Squeak, Don’t Eat Me!

A furry rodent crosses cultural boundaries.

Interview with Leslie Jamison

TNJ sits down with Leslie Jamison to discuss switching genres, teaching writing, and talking to strangers.


The best of course evaluations.

The Week in Review

Dispatches from the government shutdown.

From the NSA, With Love

Your life, #nofilter.