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Still Hopping

Wednesday nights at Toad’s are silent for the near future, but Yalies’ memories are still vibrant. Keep Reading

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A Year in Review (Sort Of)

Congrats! You’ve reached the end of our February issue—the last issue ever to be produced by The New Journal’s 2019-2020 Editorial Board. It has been a wild and wonderful year of friendship, carbs, and thirty-six hour production weekends. To close out our last magazine, we collected some of our favorite lines from the previous four… Keep Reading

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Local Haunts

A first-year student tries her best to get in touch with New Haven’s paranormal residents. Keep Reading

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Connecticut’s Next Top Farm Animal

Illustration by Zihao Lin It is said that the domesticated llamas of Peru experience difficulty having sex. Farmers in the Andean highlands “try to help the animals mount each other,” says Dr. Richard L. Burger, a Yale Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology. “They try to get them in the mood for love, so they play… Keep Reading

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