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Multiple Choice

What is the future of education in New Haven? With the city up in arms, three schools may hold the answer. Keep Reading

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Pangaea’s Edge

New Haven sits on the birth scars of the Atlantic Ocean. The rocks here tell the story of its human history. Keep Reading

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The City Builder

New Haven is a pockmarked city, riddled with reminders of an era when City Hall thought the only way to save it from economic peril was to tear out row houses and typewriter shops and replace them with beasts of concrete and steel. One of those beasts, the Knights of Columbus tower, looms over one… Keep Reading

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A Fragile Sanctuary

Marco Antonio Reyes Alvarez’s bags were almost packed. He had his ticket for a flight the next morning, August 8, to Ecuador, the country he left twenty years ago for the United States. At his home in Meriden—a small city midway between Hartford and New Haven—Fanny Torres Reyes, his wife of twenty-four years, their three… Keep Reading

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By No Means Immune

“If this gets any worse, I’ll think I can fly,” Wes thought, as he looked down onto College Street from the top of the Silliman tower. He had taken LSD and cocaine an hour or two earlier. Afraid of what might come next, he backed away from the window. Within moments, he threw up. He… Keep Reading

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The Perimeter

Dawn Slade knows everyone and everything on Dixwell Avenue. Walking up the street—which runs north from downtown New Haven and Yale University toward Hamden—one morning this past spring, she nodded at Lake Place, where many residents are Yale undergraduates. “Look at them, on Lake and Broadway,” she said. “You started to see them inching up.… Keep Reading

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From the Ground Up

It took Valerie over three years to escape her abusive partner. “I moved three or four times,” she said. “I had to start all over again. I had to change my job, the vehicle I drove, everything.” In 2013, Valerie’s partner began to act erratically and stopped taking his medications. (Victims’ names have been changed… Keep Reading

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The Epidemic at Home

The day her son Brent died, Karine Heard had a migraine. She was at a drive-through bank teller when he called, asking whether she had a piece of his mail at home. “Probably. I’ll have to look,” she whispered into her phone, trying to be discreet. She thought about asking him to lunch but decided… Keep Reading

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Unwrapping Major Gifts

Under the high, Gothic Revival ceiling of the Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall, Chinese real estate mogul Zhang Xin speaks to a packed audience of students, professors, and university administrators on the afternoon of November 9, 2016. She is dressed in the stylish business attire that The New Yorker once called “a kind of Shanghai-Tang… Keep Reading

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