Lessons in Looking

Lines between reality and surreality.


A journey between the lines.

Of All the Gin Joints in this Town

The opening of the original Richter’s Café in 1982, reopening this month as Ordinary.

Orange, California

Max Saltarelli ’13 photographs the weird side of suburbia in and around his home town of Orange, CA.

Old Guns

These images were taken at the Winchester Arms Factory, which has stood just north of Yale since the late nineteenth century.

Shots in the Dark

A safari through dioramas in the Peabody Museum.

Shots in the Dark

The site of Indiana Jones’ last crusade in Petra, Jordan.

Shots in the Dark

Finds of the Davenport College photo group.

Shots in the Dark

Hidden saints in New Haven’s urban landscape.

Shots in the Dark

The studio of a man who makes violins.