The Uncertainty Never Ends

A typical trip to Never Ending Books at 810 State Street delivers two things: disappointment and a ratty paperback. The lights will probably be off inside the store. In lieu of posting hours, owner Roger Uihlein maintains a shelf of free books outside the entrance. If, however, you pick an atypical day, the door will … Continue reading The Uncertainty Never Ends

Unmooring the Classroom

Enoc Escobar watched cormorants glide inches above the waves of the Long Island Sound. Alex Mass noticed the way sandy bluffs slide towards the sea, and Alyssa Hall contemplated the impending flooding of downtown Manhattan by the water through which they sailed. “By the end of the century, it’s going to go up two feet,” … Continue reading Unmooring the Classroom

Speed Reader

The bright orange paint on the New Haven bookmobile makes it look like a freewheeling bus of the nineteen-sixties. But if you walk inside, you will find that the carpeted interior resembles a preschool classroom. Wooden shelves jut out of three sides of the bus, filled with books of all shapes and sizes. Some are … Continue reading Speed Reader

The Murder Trail

I am sitting in Jillian and Scott Hamilton’s kitchen. It is small and crowded with the essentials of home life—a blender on the countertop, papers pinned to the fridge, plates on a rack. Scott Hamilton lets out a theatrical groan and gives me a weary look. “So. You like the paranormal, huh?” Scott works in … Continue reading The Murder Trail

Owning the Wilderness

I eased the SUV down a rough dirt road in northeastern Connecticut. My friend Téa, who sat in the passenger’s seat, peered into the shady woods ahead. She checked her phone to see if we were still headed in the right direction, but she didn’t have any service. Her hands fiddled with pens and papers, … Continue reading Owning the Wilderness

A Love of Labor

Nurse midwife Nancy Degennaro demonstrated straddling positions on a large exercise ball for Rose Gallegos, an expecting mother sitting next to her. “Sometimes we would have her sit on it this way,” Degennaro said, squatting on the ball, opening her legs wide, acting out Gallegos’s possible future delivery. “Sometimes we have her lean on it … Continue reading A Love of Labor

Opening the Space

Ruby slowly peels the tape off her canvas, exposing turquoise and red between the stripes of black running down the painting. “I don’t usually use black because it seems too harsh, but this time it seemed right,” she says. Ruby is one of eighteen New Haven high school students of color participating in Artspace’s fifteenth … Continue reading Opening the Space

See Spot Think

Zoe the chocolate lab stares at the two overturned white buckets on the other side of the room. A screen is placed in front of the buckets, blocking her view, and a treat is placed under one of the buckets. But which one? The dog strains against her leash, her tail twitching uncontrollably. As the … Continue reading See Spot Think

Finding Its Center

The Yale Center for British Art restores Louis Kahn’s vision

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What happens when professors assign their own writing