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In Earnest

Urn Pendragon exited New Haven’s mayoral race, but she hasn’t given up her cause. Keep Reading

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Curating a Legacy

An expansive circle composed of intersecting lines levitates on a wall in the lobby of the Yale University Art Gallery. Close up, specks of white emerge from blackness like stars in a compacted night sky. Jock Reynolds will explain to anyone who walks into the Gallery that this wall drawing by Sol Lewitt includes ten-thousand… Keep Reading

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The Hub of the Wheel

Behind a warehouse door in East Rock, John Martin tightens a bolt and gives the crankshaft a turn, sending the rear wheel of the bicycle into a spin above the concrete floor. He leans in and eyes the rotation approvingly. It spins true—no horizontal shake, no friction. Behind him, Connor Dwyer Reynolds, the bike’s owner,… Keep Reading

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Flight Paths

Most mornings, Jayson Peña wakes up early and loads the back of his Chevy Suburban with pigeons. Using his bare hands, he pulls the birds out of a white-shingled loft in the backyard of his home in Avon, Connecticut. He grabs each grey body around its midsection, his thick brown fingers wrapping easily around the… Keep Reading

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Why Buy a Cow

In the Arethusa universe, Manolo Blahnik executives sell high-quality yogurt and a pastoral lifestyle. Keep Reading

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Montana, Running Back

Just past midnight on August 19, as the rest of the Yale football team slept before the first day of fall camp, Andrew Grinde made his getaway. The five-foot-eleven freshman running back slipped out of his room in Lanman-Wright Hall, taking care not to rouse his roommates, and walked out to High Street, where an… Keep Reading

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