Not Hungry

Goldie Stands Over Bull ’13 fasted for twenty days to get closer to God.

Playing Hardball

At 13, Jericho Scott is happy to be a has-been national baseball sensation.

Small Things and Big Things

Mathematics professor Michael Frame’s world is built of self-similar patterns.

The House That Alice Built

Before women could vote, Alice Washburn was building the most beautiful houses in New Haven and Hamden.

Where Less is More

Six decades of haircutting and storytelling in Placido Mastroianni’s Whalley Avenue barbershop.

The Critic

Scenes with David Koskoff, Yale undergraduate theater’s biggest fan.

Umbrella Man

Paul Hammer, New Haven’s bicycle activist.

The New Yale Man

An eighth grader profiles Ike Wilson ’11.

Made of Mettle

53 year-old Dwight Dickerson was accepted to Yale College in part for his “exceptional background.” So why don’t most students know about it?


Denise Petry claims she’s clairvoyant, but can this accountant-cum-psychic take stock of your future?