The Morse College courtyard sculpture.

“It’s a helmet.” “It’s a gun.” “It’s a gun wearing a helmet.” “It’s a droopy mushroom.” “It’s very… vertical. It’s sort of, um…” “It’s a penis.” It’s the sculpture outside my window—stunningly ugly, brutishly tall, bizarrely sensual. To me, it looks like a craggy polyp; to others—okay , many others—it’s a giant emblem of… masculinity. Objectively, it’s not much more than a broadly curved surface on top of several long, twisted pillars. But any way you look at it, it’s a jarring addition to the. . . Read more
Julia Wallace
Pints for Points

Anna Liffey’s famed Trivia Night.

On Tuesday nights, the tables in Anna Liffey’s, a subterranean Irish pub at 17 Whitney, fill up by 8:15 as regulars appear and gradually crystallize into teams of five. When nine o’clock rolls around, these teams engage in animated debates about the seemingly trivial—questions like “which popular board game was banned in Cuba and North Korea?” The participants defy generalization: Neuroscience graduate students compete against Book Trader baristas and a group of coworkers from a local high school. Some participants neither work nor reside in. . . Read more
Megan McLaughlin