Best Video

A portrait of Best Video in Hamden, Connecticut, a video store withstanding the digital age.

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The Fat Trap

Juan Mendoza, a seventh grader at Fair Haven Middle School, used to be fat. Like most overweight kids in middle school, he endured his share of taunting. But as much as it bothered him, he didn?t know how to change his situation. ?I used to just eat and not really care. I didn?t know why … Continue reading The Fat Trap

Bonfire of the Vanities

Devil?s Night earned its name in Fair Haven this year. Near midnight on October 30, an empty barn on Wolcott Street went up in flames. A few blocks away, an abandoned home on James Street met the same fate. Across the neighborhood at a house on Lombard Street, a car slammed into the garage door, … Continue reading Bonfire of the Vanities

Holey Wars

We?re looking at a classic match-up here, folks, and the stakes couldn?t be higher. Think Liston-Clay but a whole lot sweeter?and glazier. On November 19, the Milford, Connecticut, donut world will change forever. A brand new Krispy Kreme on Boston Post Road is set to square off against perennial favorite?and Boston Post Road neighbor?Dunkin? Donuts. … Continue reading Holey Wars

Points of Departure

Framing Sacco and Vanzetti by Sara Hirschhorn One fall day in 1971, Neil Thomas Proto had an epiphany. It wasn?t about God, or Vietnam, or flower power, or love. For the George Washington University law student, studying the execution of two Italian-American shopkeepers for robbery and murder in a Boston prison on August 23, 1927, … Continue reading Points of Departure

Pedalling Politics

I have butterflies in my stomach,? Charlie Pillsbury tells us, smiling hopefully as he guides his bicycle into the street. In spite of his silver beard, khaki shorts, and bike helmet, he speaks to the cluster of reporters and carries himself in a way that reminds me of Gregory Peck playing Atticus Finch in To … Continue reading Pedalling Politics

A Separate Peace

A few weeks ago, I watched from a distance as an eclectic group of New Haven residents bearing homemade signs and banners gathered on the courthouse steps to file a war crimes indictment. Their list of alleged war criminals included George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell, and they were pressing for … Continue reading A Separate Peace

Black and Blue

Today?s sermon is on the burden of hopelessness. To begin, the Reverend Dr. W. David Lee?pastor of New Haven?s most distinguished and most ancient black congregation, Varick Memorial ame Zion Church; graduate of Syracuse University, Yale Divinity School, and Union Theological Seminary; and most recently a candidate for a seat on the Yale Corporation?quotes not … Continue reading Black and Blue

Peculiar Institutions

The man sitting next to me pushes his rimless glasses farther up his sunburnt nose, his graying blond hair flipped across his head. Under a navy cardigan, his starched t-shirt is emblazoned with the words "reparations now!" He is one of about a hundred attendees of the "Yale, New Haven, and American Slavery Conference." Co-sponsored … Continue reading Peculiar Institutions