You, child of something resembling country, resembling woman – You have tripped over your own blessings. You repeat into eternity. Womanhood you’ve never known, history you’ve thrown to the wind. No use thinking of history. You are just another child, drifting away. The subway hurtles into black – you are in the guts of Seoul. … Continue reading Bless


The hills of Austria are like a sleeping Clifford, Or like the carcass of a giant babushka from the valley rises the thick fertilizer smell and three young boys in striped wool sweaters, lead by their blonde sister, weave through the still army of stalactic pines

Out fencing new pasture

I am tied by a golden ribbon, umbilical cord of late afternoon, to the ground. The land is a constellation of clapboard houses ringed by purple lupine. Hedgerows are cracks, threads tracing edges where light blooms, the gold-green, green-gold of a field dotted with sheep. I am kneeling, my arms around the warm belly of … Continue reading Out fencing new pasture

Old Asphalt Schoolyard

Waits near a pile of kids, anyway, “who keeps putting lizards in Polly Pocket clothes?” the problem is considered as they bat at their hair to keep the breeze from affecting them. Outside the bell tolls. Something may be happening, or the feeling of it—hard to remember until it’s happening again. In the mean time … Continue reading Old Asphalt Schoolyard


The summer of the water rationing, the zinnias in clay pots steam in the sun. The hummingbirds we usually fed with sugar water hover around the empty feeders, still thrusting their bills to drink— confused, they fly into each other, falling dazed into the dust. You sit on the windowsill eating a red fruit with … Continue reading Drought


1. Write your creed on a napkin, assuming you have one. 1a. If you don’t have a creed, one is provided for you here: A cholesterol breakfast, cracked egg shells on the counter. A cold breakfast of yogurt and string cheese. A continental breakfast delayed by inclement weather. Orange juice flood when the porcelain breaks. … Continue reading Invitation

From Persephone

“I know the best mornings are made of / pancake batter, warm skin, loose stockings…”


“This is what happened when / a twenty-three-year-old humpback / threw herself out of the water…”


“I took my sister to the boneyard…”