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a few words from our alumni:

“The New Journal taught me that it’s important to take pride in your work, to fight for quality and demand intelligence.”—Tom Isler, documentary filmmaker

“For more than three decades, The New Journal has served as a training ground for some of the best non-fiction writers in this country. With no building, no large endowment, nothing but the dedication of its board and the enterprise of its staff, it has consistently turned out award-winning work. I’m proud to have worked on the magazine and even prouder to support it now.”—Andy Court, Producer, 60 Minutes

“The New Journal was my journalism school. Eight years on, its alumni are still an important branch of my professional network. It’s the place that minted my lifelong obsession with writerly truth, justice, and the Oxford comma.”—Anya Kamenetz, writer, Fast Company; author, DIY U and Generation Debt

“The New Journal taught me to be open-minded and persistent. Lots of magazines cover a given year’s ‘big’ stories. But the most obscure subjects are often the most interesting.”—Charlotte Howard, Midwest Correspondent, The Economist

“My experience at The New Journal still matters in my professional life because that lesson about maintaining a certain dispassionate—and occasionally playful—distance still shapes how I write stories. It also pleases me to know that some of the other writers and editors I respect also came out of a TNJ background. One other thought. When I was fund-raising for the TNJ, Art Buchwald, the highly-regarded humorist, who was not as far as I know connected to Yale, sent us a check for what was then a very large sum.  Almost 40 years later, I feel a continuing obligation to live up to his faith in our younger selves.”—Richard Conniff, writer of books, articles, and television screenplays about nature; winner of the 1997 National Magazine Award and a 2007 Guggenheim Fellowship

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