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April 2019 — Volume 51 Issue 5

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Bribery and Broken Trust

Design by Chase Westover. In the fall of 2017, a women’s soccer recruit from California with a forged athletic profile was admitted to Yale. The following May, when Rudy Meredith, head coach of the Yale women’s soccer team, formally announced his 2022 recruiting class on the Yale Athletics website, the California recruit was missing from the… Keep Reading

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Connecticut’s Next Top Farm Animal

Illustration by Zihao Lin It is said that the domesticated llamas of Peru experience difficulty having sex. Farmers in the Andean highlands “try to help the animals mount each other,” says Dr. Richard L. Burger, a Yale Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology. “They try to get them in the mood for love, so they play… Keep Reading

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Changing Courses

As questions swirl around the future of the Ethnicity, Race, and Migration program at Yale, activism for an Asian American Studies major has taken a new direction. Keep Reading

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The baby lies on her back in the at space provided by her father’s forearms stretched from his chest as if carrying firewood. In his palms, he holds the back of her head. She breathes in his wordless song. I’m afraid he will drop her, and this walk to the library will be marked by… Keep Reading

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New Books on the Block

  Illustrated by Zihao Lin. The pre-recorded sound of a harpsichord plucking along to a Baroque string ensemble mingles with the smell of old pages and wooden bookshelves. Lingering near the front door of Grey Matter Books, I watch as mid-afternoon light re ects off cars lining York Street and illuminates piles of secondhand books and… Keep Reading

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The Secret Life of PEZ

Design by Alex Rivkin Just west of Yale’s West Campus, past the condo complex and the Restaurant Depot on Edison Road, past the candy roll-shaped signs blaring “PEZ PEZ PEZ” at oncoming traffic, past the glass ticket booth where you exchange five-dollars-plus-tax for a raspberry-red lanyard and a construction-paper I.D. designating you as an “Adult $5.00,”… Keep Reading

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What Yale Could Have Paid

This map displays most of Yale’s properties, both academic and retail. The red shows which properties Yale currently pays taxes on, and the black shows tax-exempt properties. New Haven’s two private colleges, Yale University and Albertus Magnus College, are exempt from paying taxes on most of their property. More than half of all real estate… Keep Reading

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A Stranger in the Village

  Casey Gerald’s memoir gets its title from a story Gerald found on Tumblr about a village in France blessed with miracles. In the village, the peasants stop working, hoping that the miracles will replace their labor in providing food and clothes for everyone. The aristocrats, fearing this insurgency, erect a sign that declares: “There will… Keep Reading

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