Paper Ghosts

Artists throw a going-away party for a dying press.

The New Haven Register press building is full of ghosts. Half of the New Haven Register press building, still occupied by the newspaper’s reporters and administrative staff, hums with florescent lights and muffled typing. But in the printing area, the rooms are gapingly empty. The building was a Gant shirt factory before being purchased by the newspaper in 1981. One room holds rows and rows of the Register’s characteristic red curbside newspaper dispensers. Arranged in tight lines, they stand like grave-markers. The two presses loom. . . Read more
Madeleine Witt
Where the Art Is

A local artist struggles to make it in New Haven’s competitive art scene.

On March 31, self-taught artist and high-fashion lover Gordon Skinner hosted his 35th birthday party in the basement of Gilt Bar. Guests–including Shante Skinner, his half-sister and confidante, Bob Albert, his friend and agent, and Coco and Breezy Dotson, twin sisters and designers of a celebrity-approved accessories line who posed with Skinner’s art in Dekit Magazine–yelled into each other’s ears as a DJ played hip hop at jack hammer decibels. Skinner drank directly from a bottle of Moet & Chandon. He had reason to celebrate:. . . Read more
Adela Jaffe
Net Gain

Artist William Lamson asks us to reconsider our standards.

The pocket park on the corner of Chapel and Orange seems more like a concrete wasteland than an art gallery. The gravel entrance gives way to unkempt patches of green and yellow grass.  Flanked on three sides by a large brick wall, the area is dark even when the sun is out.  The air is thick with the dust of nearby construction, and the park provides no shelter from the sounds of the street just a few feet away. But then, there it is: a. . . Read more
Jane Long