Best Video

A portrait of Best Video in Hamden, Connecticut, a video store withstanding the digital age.

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Madeleine Witt
Internet Killed the Video Store

Renting local in the digital age.

“Best Video?” Daniel’s silver name tag-Daniel Ortiz, Shift Manager-catches the fluorescent lighting as he watches a customer shuffle out of Blockbuster into a drizzly October night, Blood Diamond in hand. “Yeah, I know Best Video. It’s up in Hamden.” Ortiz, who finished high school and then started at Blockbuster-“I like movies”-is 22, with a fuzz of black beard, patchy in places, and the pale skin of a horror film devotee. (All-time favorites: Audition, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th.) “Anytime someone comes in here asking for. . . Read more
Sophia Lear