Not on Their Watch

Putting on the red jacket of international civilian crime-fighting brotherhood, the Guardian Angels.

The Guardian Angels are watching. Illustration by Tom Stokes We walk in a sharp diamond formation. Rocky reminds me repeatedly to stay on his inside, away from the street, where action is most likely to break out. To patrol tonight, we’ve driven to the Crown Street nightclub district, an area close to Yale that I know well, but still Rocky has built the formation of hulking men in red jackets around me—I’m small, I’m a girl, and it is my first patrol. As we approach. . . Read more
Sanjena Sathian
Pledging Allegiance

Gangs, drugs, violence, and the youth of New Haven.

A dangerous game. Jane Long Vanessa West, a heavyset 15-year-old from New Haven’s Newhallville neighborhood, has strings woven into her black cornrows. The strings are red, the color of the Bloods, a national drug gang with roots in California and members all over the country – including many in New Haven. West wears a red and black plastic belt, a red necklace, and two plastic buttons on her shirt, each with a picture of a young black man, and the words “Rest in Peace” in. . . Read more
Ali Weiner

Cops trade guns for tasers.

Jay Kehoe is a taser man. A part-time Glastonbury, CT police officer and a full-time regional manager for Taser International, Kehoe drives a plush, customized Hummer with twin TASER vanity plates. He calls it his “double-duty circus wagon”: It serves as patrol car and sales wagon. Strapped to the roof is a set of sirens, which Kehoe uses to chase down suspects while on duty. The sides of the vehicle carry Taser International’s motto: “Saving Lives Every Day.” On the back, there’s a picture of the. . . Read more
Mai Wang