Say Cheese

The Caseus cheese truck.

The first ingredient of a good sandwich. Jacque Feldman Inside the cheese truck, I am sweating like a wedge of parmesan in the sun – it’s just a quarter past twelve, but already, a line has formed outside. Caseus, the three-year-old bistro and fromagerie at 93 Whitney Avenue, officially owns the vehicle, but Jeff, a Caseus chef and self-identified “cheese truck dude,” calls it his “current baby.” Jeff’s helpers today are Krystle, whose favorite topping is guacamole, a new trainee named Raven, and me. The. . . Read more
Jacqueline Feldman
Made of Mettle

53 year-old Dwight Dickerson was accepted to Yale College in part for his “exceptional background.” So why don’t most students know about it?

A young Dwight Dickerson plays the trumpet. Courtesy Dwight Dickerson Many Yale undergraduates are surprised to encounter Dwight Dickerson in their Spanish seminars and Political Psychology lectures. His usual uniform is collegiate enough – black Velcro sneakers, blue jeans, a black pinstriped button-down left untucked and a grey Yale Bulldogs sweatshirt – but his bald head and the white hairs salting his pepper black mustache suggest he is a fair bit older than your average undergraduate. Dwight sees them staring, and sometimes even whispering about. . . Read more
Haley Cohen
Interior Design

Coming of age in a modern family.

The first figure to greet anyone entering my father’s second-floor apartment was the Martini Lady. Printed on poster board, she stood with her hip jutted, strong-jawed and slouchy in a red strapless cocktail dress.  Her hair was cut short and her raised hand exposed an unshaved armpit. I never knew if these spiky black tufts emphasized Martini’s dykiness or exposed her to be not a lady, but a delicate man. Despite her vamping, Martini was a welcome sight. Whenever I went outside with my father, I wanted. . . Read more
Kate Lund
Final Draft

The fight to write the blue book.

“Say what? SAYBROOK! Say what? SAYBROOK!” Residential college cheers are regularly heard at intramural sports games, but this time, the setting isn’t Yale’s playing fields—it is a small classroom in Scheffield-Sterling-Srathcona hall. After hours of preparation, the time has come – not to demonstrate athletic superiority, but to pick classes. This is the residential college seminar draft, the culmination of a long process of evaluation, negotiation, and strategy. Most students know the Residential College Seminar Program for its nontraditional courses; recent offerings have included Christian. . . Read more
Helen Knight
Fear And Clothing in New Haven

Saying “I do” to a bridal shop that operates like a family.

All in the family When I first met Annette, she was testing out a mother-of-the-bride dress in front of her coworkers. It was a two-piece ensemble with a matching blazer. It was maroon, shiny, and bejeweled. Annette’s not a fan of trying things on, but there she is, decked in red, reporting she’s “pissed,” but smiling. “We all do it for Lisa,” she says of her twin sister. “We’re family.” Annette is standing in Harold’s Formal Wear of New Haven, CT, where she works among. . . Read more
Kate Selker