A journey between the lines.

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Madeleine Witt
Against the Tide

As the water’s edge draws closer, a cozy beach community stands against nature.

In the wake of 2011's Hurricane Irene, Andy Weinstein crouches by the ruins of his Cosey Beach home, which had stood strong for nearly a century. Photo Courtesy of Andy Weinstein. “I should have seen the peak of my house,” recalled Andy Weinstein. “It wasn’t there.” On August 28, 2011, Weinstein stood next to his car on Philip Street in East Haven. The roads sloped down toward the coast. The formerly well-defined border of sand and sea walls had been erased. Hurricane Irene had made. . . Read more
Ike Swetlitz
A Tale of Two Supermarkets

A writer evaluates the promises two markets made a hungry city.

Elm City Market, sauteed brussels sprouts with sundried tomatoes, white rice with a medley of colorful beans, and Italian-style stuffed chicken: $9.00 (meals bought by the pound). Photo by Meredith Redick. On your way up Whalley Avenue to the Stop & Shop in New Haven, you pass a Papa John’s, a Burger King, and a rundown Jamaican food cart. Further down, you can stop at  Subway, or McDonald’s. Every block or two, a convenience store appears. Mostly, though, this avenue—and the surrounding residential neighborhood—is all. . . Read more
Meredith Redick
Real Kid Talk

For a young group, activism is more than child’s play.

Illustration by Karen Tian. Dozens of children gathered at the Peabody Museum on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to think about the future of their city. Through pictures and words, they responded to the prompt, “Dear Mayor Toni Harp, This is what I want for New Haven…” The posters they created varied widely in message and accuracy of spelling: “I want a happy home and a great place to grow up in.” “Don’t waste water, dudes and dudets.” “No more school!” “No guns.” “I want. . . Read more
Isabelle Taft