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February 2020 | Volume 52 Issue 4

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Worn Down by Wellness

Yale requires many of its unionized employees to disclose private medical information and undergo “wellness coaching.” Those who refuse have to pay. Keep Reading

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Imagining a Place to Be

In the year and a half since a mass K2 overdose on the New Haven Green, what steps have been taken to address substance use disorder downtown? Keep Reading

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It was snowing when I dialed, raining  when I hung up, chaos even for me  who mixes the chaff back into the wheat  and salts the on-ramps and rakes up needles  only to scatter them on the ground and  walk through as if to cut a covenant,  or sew one together. At dawn, with all … Keep Reading

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When my foot falls asleep I recall that  the body won’t evince itself or mist  its limbs with feeling more often, only  when it needs to tell me to get up and  move along. Last night a spindly old man  told me about the etymology  of a word, an insight so luminous  it made me… Keep Reading

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A Year in Review (Sort Of)

Congrats! You’ve reached the end of our February issue—the last issue ever to be produced by The New Journal’s 2019-2020 Editorial Board. It has been a wild and wonderful year of friendship, carbs, and thirty-six hour production weekends. To close out our last magazine, we collected some of our favorite lines from the previous four… Keep Reading

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