Ghosts on the Green

The ghost story of nine hundred colonial spirits haunting the New Haven Green.

It’s impossible to know just how many bones lie below the surface of the New Haven Green, but there are certainly more than nine hundred skeletons’ worth, belonging to six generations of early New Haven residents. The remains of the colonial city’s settlers, magistrates, soldiers, slaves, and merchants were interred here centuries ago. If you were to walk the lawn on a grim winter night, you might sense something otherworldly flitting among the benches and trees of the city’s historical center. Near the flagpole, you. . . Read more
Olivia Rosenthal
Theory of Mind

The Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis is a bastion for often-maligned Freudian practices in New Haven.

The year is 1900, and Ida Bauer cannot speak today. She feels like she is choking on air. Ida has had difficulty breathing and an inability to speak for some time now, and her father is concerned. Ida is 18 years old. She lives with her parents and her brother, who is a year and a half her senior. Her father was treated for a paralytic attack four years ago, but nothing in her family’s medical history explains Ida’s symptoms. There is no neurological explanation. . . Read more
Cindy Ok
The Execution Game

The Cheshire murder trials have forced Connecticut to confront its position on capital punishment.

Gloves entered as evidence in the murder trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky. Update: On January 27, 2012, New Haven Superior Court Judge Jon Blue gave Joshua Komisarjevsky six death sentences and 140 years in prison for his role in the murder of the Petits. On November 29, the defense rested its case in the sentencing trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky. In October, Komisarjevsky had been convicted of a slew of heinous charges, including six capital felonies, due to his involvement in a crime significant both for its. . . Read more
Ben Kline