What Doesn’t Love a Wall

A fence between Hamden and New Haven traps the city’s poor, exposing 21st-century prejudice.

Pale-barked branches dip over the fence between Hamden and New Haven like old arms reaching to gather bickering boys in an embrace. Separating Hamden, a working-class suburb, from three public housing projects in the neighboring city of New Haven, there is a 12-foot tall fence. Five-inch long silvery, bolted strips link sections of the fence. Its thick metal grating fractures views of neighbors’ homes ten paces away. Added-on pieces of fence drop into vacant spaces among tree roots, screening even squirrels’ holes. The projects are. . . Read more
Ben Mueller
Gateway Connection

A new college joins Yale on the New Haven Green this fall.

For ritual’s sake, it took about a dozen pairs of scissors to cut the blue ribbon and open New Haven’s newest institution of learning, located four blocks away from Yale’s Old Campus. When the ribbon fell, the couple hundred attendees cheered. The celebrations, attended by an estimated total of eight hundred people, would continue for at least seven hours. The public ceremonies August 29 marked the opening of Gateway Community College, whose student population is currently comparable to Yale’s in number. The main campus’s move. . . Read more
Cindy Ok