Up for Debate

Yale coaches bring New Haven teenagers into the privileged world of high school debate.

  Zariah Altman prepares for debate. Photos by Jennifer Lu. “Opposition? Partner? Speaker?” Matt asks as he stands before the judge, taking stock of the room before he starts his speech. His partner is seated to his right, and his opponents, Zariah Altman and Xavier Sottile, are waiting on the left. He places his cell phone timer on the conference table. “All right, I’ll begin.” The room is quiet. “From Russia, to China, to Iran, to Syria, to ISIS, far too long the U.S. has. . . Read more
Caroline Durlacher
Scarlet Letters

What can a single grade say about a school?

An earlier version of this article mistakenly stated that ConnCAN computes “School Performance Index” data for Connecticut schools. The index is generated by the Connecticut Department of Education. The New Journal appreciates this correction in our online records. — Julia Calagiovanni and Eric Boodman, editors-in-chief, January 2015   “I never, in a million years, in my right mind, wanted to set foot in this school. Then I got here,” wrote Kiana M. Hernandez in the Proclamation, Wilbur Cross High School’s student newspaper. Hernandez, who is now a freshman. . . Read more
Olivia Klevorn