Burning Bridges

Yale-run community center trims its grassroots.

An earlier version of this article misstated the circumstances of Makana Ellis’ departure from the Center. We have since confirmed that, rather, her contract was not renewed. The New Journal appreciates this correction to our online records. – Julia Calagiovanni and Eric Boodman, editors-in-chief, January 2015. At the end of this past May, Makana Ellis TD ’05 was informed that her contract would not be renewed for the following year. When her supervisor at Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs (ONHSA) called her in to. . . Read more
Marissa Grunes
Classifieds, Nov. 5, 2008

The morning after.

Conserva-T’s Apparel seeks designer for retro “There are Republicans in New England” fall line. For consideration, please submit CV, samples of previous work, and proof of NRA membership. Republican party seeks trained professionals for constructing machine to un-nominate Sarah Palin for Vice President. Desired skills include particle physics, knowledge of time travel, denial. Experienced event planner needed immediately (before ballot-initiative season) in Massachusetts for stoned gay wedding at defunct greyhound track. Immediate opening: General Store, Liberty, TX. We are a small, primarily white (not racist!),. . . Read more
Liz Deutsch
Fortune Tellers

In today’s economic climate, should Yale spend its endowment?

On September 26, 2007, a headshot of Yale’s chief investment officer and global investment god David Swensen graced the New York Times business section, accompanying an article about the Yale endowment’s 28 percent jump to an unprecedented $22 billion. On that same day, Washington legislators were also thinking about Yale’s endowment. In a morning hearing championed by the Senate Finance Committee’s Ranking Member, Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), a debate about college endowments was circling around one question: Colleges are earning a lot, but are they spending. . . Read more
Laura Zax
Loose Footing

Outdoor enthusiasts struggle for Yale support.

Ragged Mountain stands in a dramatic ridgeline that arcs across Connecticut. It offers a long, challenging hiking trail, some of the most extensive rock climbing in the state, and a view of the vibrant foliage, shimmering lakes, and church steeples of rural New England. It seems a world away from New Haven, yet Yalies can reach the ridgeline in forty minutes—if they have a car. This fall, after a failed scramble for transportation, the undergraduate group Yale Outdoors was forced to cancel plans for a. . . Read more
Sophie Quinton
Power Hungry

Reducing emissions, increasing consumption: Can Yale have it all?

On a golden day in October in New Haven, Connecticut, in a tall, old red-brick building on Yale’s immaculate campus, natural gas combusts at 1,200 degrees. “Maybe hotter,” says Tom Starr, the manager of Yale’s Central Power Plant. Starr leads me up a few metal steps and opens a hand-sized hatch on the side of a huge, green, insulated-steel box to reveal a little window. Inside, the space explodes with outlandish purple and yellow flames. We’re looking at the burner that provides fuel to the. . . Read more
Amy Fish
Radio Active

Yale’s AM station tunes in to past glory.

“You’re listening to Poptimism.” It’s just after 7 on a Monday night and Catie Gliwa TC ’11 is on the air. “Next up, MIA with ‘Bamboo Banga’ and, at risk of losing one of my three listeners, Miley Cyrus.” As the last song fades—“and I, I can’t wait to see you again”—Gliwa returns to the mic. “This is WYBC 1340 AM. You just heard Miley Cyrus with ‘See You Again.’ Horace, I hope you’re still listening.” Horace is her boyfriend. Gliwa underestimated her listenership (after all,. . . Read more
Sarah Nutman