Listening to Africa

Behind the scenes of Yale’s first Africa Salon

Students at Yale’s Africa Salon Early on a Saturday morning in March, I found myself surrounded by African artists, speakers, and performers in the basement of the Afro-American Cultural Center. We ate Egyptian salad and South African banana bread for breakfast, and we didn’t talk much. I assumed that the others were nervous, like me, and thinking over what they were going to say. We were preparing to participate in the Africa Salon, billed as “Yale’s first-ever contemporary African arts fest.” A month or so. . . Read more
Coryna Ogunseitan
Love, at First Sight

Literary flings for an intern in the city.

Sometime during the second or third week of your publishing internship, your boss swivels away from her monitor and asks, “How do you feel about romance?” You don’t feel anything anymore. You have been photocopying foreign contracts for days, and this has made you numb. Peering meekly from behind a fortress of overstuffed manila files, you repeat, inanely, “Romance?” Her gaze has already returned to her email. “Yeah. Regency.” You do feel something about this genre; some might call it “antipathy.” While you grope for. . . Read more
Sophia Nguyen