Pulling Back the Curtain

The Undergraduate Organizing Committee disbands in an effort to make student activism more visible.

It’s the dead of night. Most of Yale is fast asleep. A handful of students sneak around, using chalk and fliers to “rename” a few residential colleges. They put up signs on Jonathan Edwards College that read “Titus X College,” renaming the seventy-six year old college after one of Edwards’ slaves. On Cross Campus, they chalk the phrase “Emancipate Yale.” Students wake up to these messages the next morning, more confused than angry. Who took the time and energy to do this? And why? Founded. . . Read more
Zach Schloss
The Race for Ward 1

Sarah Eidelson ’12 and Vinay Nayak ’14 at a critical moment in city politics.

This summer, before she announced her candidacy for Ward 22 alderwoman, Jeanette Morrison went door to door in Dixwell, asking her neighbors what concerns they had about the community. “There’s no jobs,” they told her. But from the porches where she stood listening, she could see construction happening all over neighboring Ward 1 on Yale’s campus. How could the city grant those zoning rights, she wondered, without also requiring that some of the area’s unemployed residents be trained and allowed to work on these projects?. . . Read more
Emily Rappaport