Seeking a Genus for My Species

An Eli’s quest for taxonomic immortality.

A drawing of a slime beetle. Frances Fawcett, courtesy of Cornell University News Service. This summer, a 75-million year old dinosaur skeleton was baptized the mojoceratops by Yale paleontologist Nicholas Longrich. If one Yalie made his mark this way, I thought, surely another can as well. A new genus- or species-group name should be short and euphonious in Latin. I, Zara Kessler  have decided to make a name for myself. To go down in history. To be eternally remembered. You’ll find this nineteen-year-old in your textbooks. . . Read more
Zara Kessler
A Yale Guide to Icing

Elis icing Elis.

Elis icing elis. Icing (noun): ic·ing [ahy-sing] The act of administering a Smirnoff Ice to an unsuspecting bro, thereby forcing him to chug the entirety of the sugary malt beverage whilst down on one knee. Etymology: In the olden days, attempting to buy Smirnoff Ice was a clear giveaway that you were either underage, or buying for someone who was. It has the same alcohol content as light beer, only it tastes like a liquid fruit roll-up.  Today, however, the demographic of Smirnoff Ice drinkers has been. . . Read more
Bob Jeffery and Maya Seidler
Welcome To Detention

Turning around The New Haven Juvenile Detention Center.

A few blocks west of Yale University, on a gritty stretch of Whalley Avenue where disheveled old men gather in the morning with paper bags full of scotch, sits a squat tan building where children were beaten, routinely, as recently as a decade and a half ago in what was then one of three abysmal juvenile detention centers in Connecticut. Juvenile Detention Center, New Haven. Jane Long A few blocks west of Yale University, on a gritty stretch of Whalley Avenue where young men set. . . Read more
Ali Weiner
On Capitol Hill

Yale students live and work in the beating heart of the body politic.

Kevin Hu interned in the office of Representative Judy Chu over the summer. Max Ehrenfreund The week of July 4, Congress is in recess. The cafeteria’s patrons, lining up with trays of food at the row of checkout counters, are dressed casually in polo shirts, tank tops, and khaki pants–no neckties. The cafeteria is in the basement of the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill, one of several granite and marble blocks clustered around the Capitol in Washington, D.C., where members of Congress and. . . Read more
Max Ehrenfreund
The New Yale Man

An eighth grader profiles Ike Wilson ’11.

Takes one to know one. Or does it? Courtesy Ike Wilson Mr. Ike Wilson is a 21-year-old student at Yale University in New Haven, CT. He’s currently working as a teacher at a summer program called Ulysses S. Grant. We call it U.S. Grant for short. Ike is teaching a class on the first-person narrative in which I am one of his students. At first I thought his class was BORING. But as time passed it started to become kind of fun. Mr. Wilson has. . . Read more
Tatiana Gay
When I Grow Up

Yale opens many doors, but doesn’t help us pick.

A fork in the road on Old Campus. Perhaps I will be a teacher when I grow up. I taught this summer—and it was wonderful. There was Ryder, who’s tiny, and writes with neat handwriting, and Jenna, who walks that fine line between popular and kind. There’s Raheem, who, at eleven years old, is an adorable lump, and Jorge, who doesn’t know how to be cool, who has the most earnest eyes and the most staggering optimism. When you’re a teacher, each day brings rollicking. . . Read more
Kate Selker
Dinner in the Year 5771

Rosh Hashanah at the Slifka Center.

Serving up special food at the Kosher kitchen. Jewish law holds that meat and dairy must be stored apart, served with different utensils, and consumed separately. Shaking his head in somber embarrassment, Timothy Frye, who has been head chef at Yale’s Slifka Center for five years, admits he doesn’t know why. He must not realize he is in the majority. Stumped by the same question, medieval Torah guru Maimonedes reasoned that meat boiled in milk was too filling and “undoubtedly gross.” But most follow Kashrut,. . . Read more
Haley Cohen
Say Cheese

The Caseus cheese truck.

The first ingredient of a good sandwich. Jacque Feldman Inside the cheese truck, I am sweating like a wedge of parmesan in the sun – it’s just a quarter past twelve, but already, a line has formed outside. Caseus, the three-year-old bistro and fromagerie at 93 Whitney Avenue, officially owns the vehicle, but Jeff, a Caseus chef and self-identified “cheese truck dude,” calls it his “current baby.” Jeff’s helpers today are Krystle, whose favorite topping is guacamole, a new trainee named Raven, and me. The. . . Read more
Jacqueline Feldman
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The internet is a liberal, artistic, educational medium. But does it have a place in liberal arts education?

The class of 2014 effectively shares a birthday with the Internet. Netscape Navigator, the first major Internet browser, was released for public consumption in 1992. The newest Yalies were still growing teeth while Netscape and Yahoo were growing roots, and by their first high school term in 2006, 57 million households in the U.S. were already broadband subscribers. That number has since grown to over 81 million, according to 2009 statistics from the OECD, which tracks Internet usage in 33 countries. A Yale student computing. . . Read more
Eve Binder